Webcams in San Francisco and is a free news reader service, that outlines the possible events that a passenger might experience on a cruise, based on past history. The reports contained within this site are from mainstream news media and visitor submissions, and offered as an example only.

It is our opinion, that quite often bad things happen to good people because they are naive. By educating potential cruise ship passengers on the various topics within this site, we hope that the passenger will be more aware of their surroundings, and careful how, when, and where they conduct themselves.

It is our opinion that with the major expansion into the cruise travel industry, that more people are cruising now than ever, and with the lower pricing, the passengers on cruise ships now come from all social histories and economic levels. This can create two scenarios with the new category of passenger, those who are inexperienced and naive in the large scope of world travel, and those who might take advantage of that fact.

In the past it was considered appropriate to socialize with the hire help on a ship, and it may have been romanticize by television, such as The Love Boat, creating the illusion to the less savvy traveler that cruise ships are safe places, and contact with the staff on a personal level is acceptable.

But, this is not the case any more. At no time should any passenger engage on a personal level with any hired help. Personal interaction with crew members, staff and officers are prohibited by the corporation employee’s contract and may result in the employee facing penalties and or being terminated.

At worst, the cruise ship, in the middle of the night, is only as safe as walking through an inner city at 3 am, alone, half dressed, with money hanging out of your pockets. Passengers do not go through rigorous background checks, and therefore anyone and everyone may, and will be on the cruise with you.

It is important to use the buddy system at ALL times on a cruise and in port. Women are of particular risk for crime when they travel abroad and should not travel alone, go into port alone, or use the ship’s facilities alone. No passenger unable to make rational decisions, physically disabled, mentally disabled, under the influence of alcohol or legal mind altering drugs should use the facilities on board alone. Do NOT let children out of your site, EVER.

Do not assume that the people on a cruise are intelligent, affluent, honest, respectable, sane people. You are cruising with a wide cross section of society. Remember this or you might be cruising for a bruising. The term cruising for a bruising is defined by us, as unknowingly placing yourself in a scenario that is likely to produce a negative experience. You can cruise safely and have a good time, without doing that, in most instances.

Certain things are outside your control such as mechanical breakdown, sudden poor weather, and catching a virus on board. But, even then, there are trends, and with experience and education, you will begin to see the trends, and learn how to avoid many of those unpleasant scenarios.

More importantly, we have tried to show you how to resolve problems, if you do have them, by giving you resources within our website. Take careful note that you are NO longer in the United States of America once you embark on a cruise. If you OR somebody in your party does anything at all that is considered unacceptable by the cruise line and their cruise ship captain, they AND you can and most likely will be ejected at the next port of call.

The cruise line will NOT pay for your hotel, meals or transportation home. It is considered prudent to travel with enough resources to maintain a decent existence if this happens. You will be subject to the laws of that country, where English may not be spoken, and there may be very little the United States can do to help you. To avoid those problems, see our Cruise Safety Tips.

The information presented on this site in no way is meant to be conclusive of the hazards you might experience on a cruise, and is only meant as a general guide to get you thinking, safety first, fun second.

We are not responsible for typos, deletions, exceptions, exclusions, and other omissions of information. If you have further questions regarding cruises, beyond what our site offers, we suggest further reading on the topic. Other terms of service that fall under our Privacy Policy and our Terms Of Service, see those pages for further terms of service that apply to this site. Cruise Bruise is governed by the laws of the United States.